We began building things with wood more than 40 years ago.  We hope it shows more in the quality of our work than in the wrinkles on our faces.

If you are a fan of woodworking—and your presence here makes us believe you are—you know there is something special about the natural beauty and strength of wood.  Synthetic materials are unable to duplicate the incredible look , feel, and aroma of a freshly sawed plank, let alone a completed carving or constructed piece of art.

Some people will say steel is more durable.  Our grandparents had wood toys when they were children and you can find many of those pieces still around today.  They’re still tough.  We’re talking about the toys.  But that goes for many of the grandparents, too.  And that’s good enough for us.

If our wood creations will last only throughout our lifetimes, so be it.  But, we’re betting they’ll be around even longer so that our great grandchildren can fight over them.  We’ll build them tough enough to stand up to the tugs, pulls and yanks.  That’s the best we can offer.

Note: As with anything made by hand, our products may possess some minor flaws, a nick here or discoloration there, visible by close inspection.  We hope recipients of our items appreciate the time, effort, and care that go into making them.  We hope customers will see any imperfection as a mark of character that makes their piece special.

Logo Gear Catalog

Logo gear is available through our supplemental merch catalog. You will find our trademark wood grain and stripes and other designs on shirts, phone cases, coffee mugs and much more.

Please, have a look around and see that we build toys for adults.  Enjoy!

In the spirit of pioneer wave riders of yesteryear, we make wood surfboards that are both functional and gorgeous.  Beginning with a poplar stringer, we create a frame with ribs and wrap it all with an eye-catching combination of colorful wood strips.  We inject foam into its belly and close it off with lightweight rails of varying materials.  This process is painstakingly slow and extremely detailed.  We work hard to approach perfection.  The result is an incredible work of art to be ridden, displayed and cherished for generations to come.  Seawood surfboards are in high demand and it takes many weeks to craft a seaworthy product.  Thus, we rarely have any boards in stock.  We’re happy to make one to a customer’s specifications, however, and, at time of ordering, will provide a reasonably accurate date of delivery.

Hand-carved from exotic hardwoods and wrapped in fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin, Seawood skateboards are approximately four-foot-long durable works of art.  They turn heads and create quite an impression whether they are cruising down the street or hanging on an executive’s office wall.   They are high-end luxury vehicles.  We deliver them with wide, longboard trucks and top quality cruising wheels and bearings.  Seawood skateboards are “exclusive.”  They make a statement about their owners.  Because production is slow and customized, very few Seawood skateboards can be made and offered to the public.

Basic shapes and beautiful aesthetics are characteristics of hand-cut, fiberglass-covered Seawood skimboards.  They exude style and elegance while creating a splash in the shore break or sliding along the edge of a rain-swollen street.  If skimming is your passion, you should ride the best and make a statement everyone will hear with their eyes.

Occasionally, we veer from our traditional path and create something different. These items, ranging from rocking horses to ukuleles, usually end up as donations to be raffled or auctioned at charity fund-raising events.  You can get more up-to-date info about these creations and their destinations through our Seawood News area and Community pages.