While we normally concentrate our surfboard-building efforts in the realm of nine-foot and longer models, we recently had a special request for a reduced-length shape.

We saw no extensive harm in offering a smaller version of our popular wood-striped wave-riding vehicles. So, we designed a speedy little rocket with some thickness through the middle, all to suit the intended rider—even though he has no idea we are making it for him.

“The customer wants to give a Seawood surfboard to his son as a graduation gift,” said Seawood Longboards owner and head shaper Ted Salois.  “The kicker turned out to be that the young man doesn’t surf yet. This is to be his first board.”

Since the Seawood template inventory is devoid of anything shorter than 108 inches, one would have to be created, beginning, of course, with an appropriate design.

“The idea was to make something he could learn on but grow with over time as his skills improved,” Salois said. “That meant dimensions that would be bulky enough to float well while also allowing excellent maneuverability.

“I also felt the board should look pretty amazing—to follow in our tradition—and be something even a rookie would recognize as being something very special.  A 7-foot 6-inch projectile shape was the result.”

Construction is underway and completion is expected with a couple of weeks, according to Salois. Colorful wooden strips need to be cut, edged and glued in sequence on the board’s belly, and epoxy resin and many yards of fiberglass cloth are en route to the shop.

See the bookDo-It-Yourself builders soon will be able to acquire a pdf version of the template created for this project. It will be downloadable through the Seawood Longboards website for printing at almost any local copy shop; then a replica of this “gun” can be assembled by following instructions detailed in the book, How To Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard. The 170-page, fully illustrated guide is available in print and digital (Kindle eBook) formats.


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