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Twist & Shout: Tech Tip #3

A simple way to straighten a turning frame If you are a commercial producer of wooden surfboards, you probably have an elaborate setup to control every piece in the puzzle, keeping them all precisely in place until construction is complete. On the other hand, if you only intend to build one or only once in a while, your work station may be a simple-but-sufficient main spine with limited bracing. And, even though you are diligent in mounting stringer and ribs with exact 90-degree connections and balance-bubble confirmed crossings, heat, humidity, and time can cause the wood grain to twist....

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Beyond The Book: Build Tech Tip #2

Neatness really does count when you want a beautiful project After covering the deck or bottom (both actually) with gorgeous, colorful wooden strips, you will need to trim off what hangs beyond the frame. While this is not a difficult task, there are some steps that should be taken to ensure a clean edge results and the shape is smooth and eye-pleasing. As described in the book, “How To Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard” a coping saw will allow you to follow the curved perimeter strip lying beneath the combined deck or bottom strips. The coping saw,...

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Blocks essential to bond nose, tail plates to stringer

No chance the connection will hold without these pieces When using quarter-inch thick wood for a surfboard stringer, attaching the nose plates will require some finessing and reinforcement.  Of course, the plates are needed because the perimeter wood strips are unable to make the tight bend at the rail as it turns to the nose tip. The curve of the perimeter strip as it connects to the nose plate creates formidable resistance, so a fortified gluing of the plate to the stringer is essential. Because of the strong resistance that still accompanies the joinery of the perimeter strip and...

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‘Wood Shopping’ Returns

New designs make for merch madness …After a lengthy absence, the Seawood Longboards gear shop has relaunched and it’s better than ever.  Although the design development is in its infancy—three pieces of logo gear comprise the initial offering—each available item can be printed on an extensive variety of materials. For example, your favorite design can adorn a wall clock, t-shirts and other apparel, comforters, shower curtains, phone cases, post cards, desk mats and much more.  Whenever you are viewing a particular design in the website catalog, scroll down to find a message that reads: “view this design on +80...

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Fidgeting fingers can affix fins

…and fear not the reference to ‘skegs’ The toughest part of mounting fins to a surfboard or paddle board isn’t figuring out the precise angles needed.  And it isn’t applying dabs of epoxy resin onto uncooperative patches of fiberglass cloth.  No, the most difficult aspect of the fin-affixing evolution is getting the skeg to stay put while adhesion methods can be accomplished. A third or extra set of hands would make the task much easier and faster. Without such addition, however, the work almost certainly will include a lot of fumbling of fins, tearing of tape and routine readjustment...

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Museum Quality Sports Gear

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Build A Bad-Ash Boogie Board

boogie-cover-thumbIf you are looking for a simple, fast and fun project, get this 144-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a bad-ash wood-and-foam boogie board. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Paddleboard

sup-cover-thumbIf you are ready to build your own wooden paddle-board from scratch, get this 216-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a 12-foot 6-inch cruiser. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Surfboard

bookcoverthumb2If you are ready to build your own solid wooden surfboard from scratch, get this 170-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a nine-footer with three fin designs included. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

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