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Fidgeting fingers can affix fins

…and fear not the reference to ‘skegs’ The toughest part of mounting fins to a surfboard or paddle board isn’t figuring out the precise angles needed.  And it isn’t applying dabs of epoxy resin onto uncooperative patches of fiberglass cloth.  No, the most difficult aspect of the fin-affixing evolution is getting the skeg to stay put while adhesion methods can be accomplished. A third or extra set of hands would make the task much easier and faster. Without such addition, however, the work almost certainly will include a lot of fumbling of fins, tearing of tape and routine readjustment...

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Get down and boogie

Hey, #woodworkers! Build yourself a #BadAshBoogieBoard and hit the waves for some #SummerFun. Boogie boarding requires no special skills or experience. In fact, it’s one of the easiest, least expensive ways to become a wave rider. Anybody can achieve instant success and have a blast from the moment of getting wet. This boogie board build project will be the first half of the enjoyment cycle. Begin by getting the detailed instructions for construction and a companion...

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Boogie board build book satisfies

Whenever two or more woodworkers find themselves within shouting distance of each other, conversations erupt.  Talk of project accomplishments and challenges spews forth like sawdust from a kicked-over dust-collection bag. So, it was no surprise recently when I heard one leather-face, callous-hand fellow with a tattered ball cap say he was in the gloss-finishing stage of a cuckoo clock he intended to be an heirloom for his grandchildren.  He made no attempt to suppress his smile. Another gent with pleated pants and button-down shirt collar shook his head slowly after describing an exotic plank that split when he drilled...

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No time to spare

It was time for a new type of project.  The change to be made, however, had to be measured.  And it couldn’t fly off without notice.  Okay, enough of the clichés and word plays.  It is all about building clocks.  It seemed like a great way to use a new laser engraver that recently joined the Seawood Longboards’ other power tools. The first two custom time keepers were gifts for friends.  One was emblazoned with an etching of the friend’s German Shepherd Dog.  It also displayed line art of a dog face and paw prints in place of numbers....

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Screw it for security

Thinking of big waves? It is hard not to imagine large barrels when you get a glimpse of this in-progress 7’6″ racer. Digging back into this build after a significant delay (caused by priority projects), it seemed a good idea to discuss some particulars that make construction extremely sturdy. The spark that ignited this plan is a screw that, optionally, reinforces the glue bond of the nose and tail to the rail strips. The glue bond of wood-to-wood is very strong. But the curve of the rail strips is particularly aggressive at the end points. If the end of...

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Museum Quality Sports Gear

Build A Bad-Ash Boogie Board

boogie-cover-thumbIf you are looking for a simple, fast and fun project, get this 144-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a bad-ash wood-and-foam boogie board. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Paddleboard

sup-cover-thumbIf you are ready to build your own wooden paddle-board from scratch, get this 216-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a 12-foot 6-inch cruiser. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Surfboard

bookcoverthumb2If you are ready to build your own solid wooden surfboard from scratch, get this 170-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a nine-footer with three fin designs included. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

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