It was time for a new type of project.  The change to be made, however, had to be measured.  And it couldn’t fly off without notice.  Okay, enough of the clichés and word plays.  It is all about building clocks.  It seemed like a great way to use a new laser engraver that recently joined the Seawood Longboards’ other power tools.

Jinbay's Clock

The first two custom time keepers were gifts for friends.  One was emblazoned with an etching of the friend’s German Shepherd Dog.  It also displayed line art of a dog face and paw prints in place of numbers.

The other used symbols that represent the recipient’s previous career in the U.S. Navy.  The “IFGA” image stands for Photographer’s Mate, an occupation title that is no longer used in the sea service.  The clock face also noted her name and years of enlistment.

These personal customizations are the reason Seawood Longboards is making clocks.  Cookie cutter, same-for-everyone items are boring to us.  We prefer to work on unique, rare and special items that have immense meaning for the owner.

If you have an interest in commissioning a custom-made project, send us a note with your idea and we will get back to you for a discussion of your needs and our terms.

Time to go now.  Sorry.  I know; I promised.