…and fear not the reference to ‘skegs’

The toughest part of mounting fins to a surfboard or paddle board isn’t figuring out the precise angles needed.  And it isn’t applying dabs of epoxy resin onto uncooperative patches of fiberglass cloth. 

No, the most difficult aspect of the fin-affixing evolution is getting the skeg to stay put while adhesion methods can be accomplished.

A third or extra set of hands would make the task much easier and faster.

Without such addition, however, the work almost certainly will include a lot of fumbling of fins, tearing of tape and routine readjustment of assets.

To limit the fidgeting and fussing, begin by using one hand to hold the fin in place while the other presses small pieces of tape to connect the base of a fin to the board.  Leave a couple of inches of open space at the center of both sides of the fin where it rests on the surf/paddle board.  When enough spots are engaged for the fin to stand tall on its own, use both hands to stretch, and gently stick, long pieces of tape across the top of the fin and down to the laminate on the board’s bottom.

Repeat this process until the entire set of planned fins is in proper place.

Then, carefully use a flat mixing stick to apply epoxy resin to small pieces of fiberglass cloth positioned center-fin to overlap the transition from level board belly upward from the fin’s base. Press the resin into the weave and force out any air bubbles that may get trapped under the cloth.

Repeat these actions for each side of each fin.  Let the setup sit for a few hours until the little laminations have hardened.  Refrain from stressing the joints until after permanently mounting the fins with more laminations, which will be plenty easy, since no tape will be needed.

More to come…