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Shallow waters offer adventure

Never tried skimboarding? It’s pretty easy. Even if it weren’t, taking a nose dive into the sand will probably bruise the ego more than the face. So, don’t be afraid of making a splash, so to speak. “Skimboarding is one of the most exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled sports, but as with skiing, surfing, skating and any other sporting activity that requires balance, you also end up falling from time to time,” says in The Complete Guide for Learning to Skimboard. “When you’re learning to skimboard… you’ll end up falling quite frequently. Fortunately, the soft, dampened sand of a skimboard...

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A long exotic ride in the making

Each Seawood skateboard is laminated with fiberglass for added strength. Beautiful exotic woods cut into sturdy strips provide the color to make a museum quality longboard. This one includes purple heart, satinwood (yellow heart), tropical walnut and lyptus, a hybrid of eucalyptus and other plentiful, plantation-raised trees to ensure sustainability. The accompanying short board is destined to glide around concrete bowls at several local skate...

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Gliding atop a thin film of water

Some skimboarders have taken the sport to an incredible level with the application of superior skills. You can see them riding their flat vehicles toward incoming waves and turning 180 degrees to ride those waves back onto the shore. Often those turns shoot a majestic, multicolored spray and land them slotted in the barrel that results from a pitching lip. What better way to make the scene doubly incredible than to have the liquid carved by a Seawood skimboard! Although we have none in stock at the time of this writing, you can check our ONLINE STORE to see if any have been...

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Kids hit park with short stripes

The skateboard division of Seawood Longboards occasionally creates a short board for other-than-cruising purposes. In a recent outing, the head shaper’s offspring tested out their own personal striped vehicles. It was a successful adventure… at least until the young riders became fatigued and hungry. Then the wood-grain decks got doused with tears. Reduced-length skateboards with Seawood’s trademark stripes are available through our SUPPLEMENTAL...

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Make a rising sun surfboard fin

“If you are making a rising sun fin or some other such design, you will need to cut several pieces and lay them in place until you have achieved the design you want while the wood overlaps the entire template fin outline. Glue the pieces together in the desired pattern. Let dry for an hour or more. Cut the template shape from the paper and tape it in place on top of the wood. Draw a line around the paper fin shape with a pencil. Cut the fin from the wood with a band saw. Avoid using a jigsaw...

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Museum Quality Sports Gear

Get Great Gear

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Check out our CATALOG of cool merch. Surf, skate skim and paddle goodies make great gifts for yourself, friends and family. Clocks, bedspreads, shirts, hoodies, phone cases, even shower curtains with some awesome images will mark you as a hero.

Build A Bad-Ash Boogie Board

boogie-cover-thumbIf you are looking for a simple, fast and fun project, get this 144-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a bad-ash wood-and-foam boogie board. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Paddleboard

sup-cover-thumbIf you are ready to build your own wooden paddle-board from scratch, get this 216-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a 12-foot 6-inch cruiser. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Surfboard

bookcoverthumb2If you are ready to build your own solid wooden surfboard from scratch, get this 170-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a nine-footer with three fin designs included. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

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