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Skim & Skate, a pairing

Seawood Longboards recently completed and delivered a pair of fun boards.  A skateboard and skimboard were custom-made for a civic group to raffle at a festival attended by thousands of enthusiastic citizens in Southern California. The skateboard was extra special.  A leader in the civic group carved a logo and requested it be laid into the board’s striped wooden deck.  Seawood obliged. The skimboard’s birch-ply belly was cloaked with island-print cloth (before lamination) to honor the organization’s focus and heritage. All together the added characteristics of these builds made for a truly customized pair of...

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The struggle is real

No, your vision isn’t blurred. You’re seeing a step of progress in the lengthy battle to achieve an appropriate finish for a Seawood skimboard. The surface on the left is (hopefully) midway through the challenge. The one on the right is (even more hopefully) much closer to being done. To this point, there have been at least 15 bouts of sanding and varnishing. That’s right, 15+. The problem is that sanding leaves a rough surface, even if the irregularities are only small scratches from the sharp paper. Then, the brushed on varnish is thick enough to fill the lines, but it...

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Geek makes Greek in a week

Okay, so the headline is only a hair north of pure gibberish. The nuts and bolts of this post, however, are simple and clear: a sorority chapter was in need of a pole with its Greek letters for an upcoming event. A Sigma Gamma Rho alumna asked Seawood’s HeadShaper if the task was something the sports-craft maker could accomplish. Of course, not only does staff have the know-how to carve such items, it would mean an opportunity to use some stored-away thick-slab wood that has been itching to become something special.  Putting it to this project would be both fun and efficient at the same time. So, templates were made. A pine pole, hardware, paints and lacquer were purchased. Drawing, sawing, sanding, spraying and mounting soon followed. A photo record was made to fill the pages of a college scrapbook(?). Click through the image gallery above to see some points in the process. The completed, 6-foot-tall project is at...

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Got a little build going on

A custom skimboard is in the construction pipeline, so to speak. Size and materials have been determined, a template made and a shape cut from quarter-inch birch ply. More decorative woods will be added before glassing, of course. Otherwise, it really wouldn’t be a Seawood skimboard. This is just the first step. We are documenting the build for a record the eventual owner can keep and for the enjoyment of onlookers interested to see the process. If you have any questions, drop a note below or add a comment to the corresponding Facebook...

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What wood your guy want?

What would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Why, a woody, of course! There may be too little time to build a solid vehicle (surfboard, skateboard, skimboard) in time for the holiday of hearts. So, perhaps a fashionable piece of clothing would be a good foundation, followed soon after by an exotic riding vessel. Peruse the Seawood product catalog for awesome t-shirt designs and other items bearing the Seawood logo.  There are short skateboards and phone cases, as well as coffee mugs and stickers....

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Museum Quality Sports Gear

Build A Bad-Ash Boogie Board

boogie-cover-thumbIf you are looking for a simple, fast and fun project, get this 144-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a bad-ash wood-and-foam boogie board. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Paddleboard

sup-cover-thumbIf you are ready to build your own wooden paddle-board from scratch, get this 216-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a 12-foot 6-inch cruiser. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Surfboard

bookcoverthumb2If you are ready to build your own solid wooden surfboard from scratch, get this 170-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a nine-footer with three fin designs included. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

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