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A rocket is taking shape

While we normally concentrate our surfboard-building efforts in the realm of nine-foot and longer models, we recently had a special request for a reduced-length shape. We saw no extensive harm in offering a smaller version of our popular wood-striped wave-riding vehicles. So, we designed a speedy little rocket with some thickness through the middle, all to suit the intended rider—even though he has no idea we are making it for him. “The customer wants to give a Seawood surfboard to his son as a graduation gift,” said Seawood Longboards owner and head shaper Ted Salois.  “The kicker turned out to...

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Beyond The Book: Template Tech Tip #1

Cut lines with a utility knife before attacking with a jigsaw If you are building a project in accordance with the book “Build A Beautiful Wooden Stand-Up Paddleboard (and a really cool paddle, too)” or the book “How To Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard” and obtained a corresponding template file, you will likely encounter a slight difficulty when cutting the necessary shapes from paper-covered wood. Both books describe the process in detail and note that, whenever possible, a band saw should be employed to cut the outlines, if the paper template has been adhered to wood. This is because the up and down...

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Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard

Builder of solid, lightweight wooden surfboards shares secrets … After several years of crafting solid, lightweight wooden surfboards and honing his technique, woodworking waterman Ted Salois is sharing his knowledge and time-saving tricks in a 170-page book. How To Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard is billed as a step-by-step, illustrated guide to make a solid, lightweight, classically elegant, hi-performance longboard. Although the book’s first chapter provides instruction for designing a template to the reader’s own specifications, Salois makes a complete set of plans available on this website. Certainly, saying “the world’s most incredible” is a lofty claim. ...

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Build A Beautiful Wooden Stand-Up Paddleboard

Wooden DIY paddleboard book emphasizes minimal tools and work space needed, beauty of results … Are you a “do-it-yourselfer” who would like to combine a love for water sports with the incomparable artful elegance of colorful woods under fiberglass?  Stand-up paddleboards allow even unskilled riders to get onto the water and cruise for tons of fun in the sun.  And the popularity of wooden boards is exploding. If you are considering creating your own floating masterpiece for some waterborne adventures, a new book from the owner of Seawood Longboards gives detailed build instructions along with plenty of tips and tricks...

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Skim & Skate, a pairing

Seawood Longboards recently completed and delivered a pair of fun boards.  A skateboard and skimboard were custom-made for a civic group to raffle at a festival attended by thousands of enthusiastic citizens in Southern California. The skateboard was extra special.  A leader in the civic group carved a logo and requested it be laid into the board’s striped wooden deck.  Seawood obliged. The skimboard’s birch-ply belly was cloaked with island-print cloth (before lamination) to honor the organization’s focus and heritage. All together the added characteristics of these builds made for a truly customized pair of...

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Museum Quality Sports Gear

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Check out our CATALOG of cool merch. Surf, skate skim and paddle goodies make great gifts for yourself, friends and family. Clocks, bedspreads, shirts, hoodies, phone cases, even shower curtains with some awesome images will mark you as a hero.

Build A Bad-Ash Boogie Board

boogie-cover-thumbIf you are looking for a simple, fast and fun project, get this 144-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a bad-ash wood-and-foam boogie board. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Paddleboard

sup-cover-thumbIf you are ready to build your own wooden paddle-board from scratch, get this 216-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a 12-foot 6-inch cruiser. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

Build A Wooden Surfboard

bookcoverthumb2If you are ready to build your own solid wooden surfboard from scratch, get this 170-page BOOK of detailed instructions and a TEMPLATE for a nine-footer with three fin designs included. The template is a companion to the illustrated guide.

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