Builder of solid, lightweight wooden surfboards shares secrets

After several years of crafting solid, lightweight wooden surfboards and honing his technique, woodworking waterman Ted Salois is sharing his knowledge and time-saving tricks in a 170-page book.

How To Build The World’s Most Incredible Wooden Surfboard is billed as a step-by-step, illustrated guide to make a solid, lightweight, classically elegant, hi-performance longboard.

Although the book’s first chapter provides instruction for designing a template to the reader’s own specifications, Salois makes a complete set of plans available on this website.

Certainly, saying “the world’s most incredible” is a lofty claim.  Salois says it is backed up by a closer inspection of the construction details.

 “Wooden surfboards have been popping up everywhere in recent years,” Salois said.  “But they are generally made from kits and are usually hollow.  These are solid, foam-filled, wood-stripped beauties that are ‘classically elegant’ with modern performance capabilities.”

Salois said he has made numerous boards for an exclusive group of customers and provided some to non-profit organizations to auction at fund-raising events.

The book provides a list of tools and supplies so a person of average ability can put together a board to be proud of and actually ride in fun surf.

Many people may be satisfied to hang a completed wooden surfboard on a home or office wall, but the author encourages builders to take their finished projects to the beach and catch some waves.

“Be prepared for a slow transition from the parking lot to the shoreline,” Salois said.  “These boards are real head-turners and people always want to ask questions about the building process, materials used, and more…”

The book can be ordered through

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