Wood, glue, sandpaper and sweat are coming together in a 12-foot-long, 30-inch-wide, 6-inch deep frame that, when the sawdust settles, will be a stand-up paddleboard suitable for gliding across placid lakes or the plowing through white caps on the open ocean.

The entire process is being documented for a book to share techniques and tips to assist enthusiastic do-it-yourself woodworking watermen in their endeavors to construct a similar craft.  The author also plans to make a template available through this website, SeawoodUSA.com.

The hollow timber shell still needs to be enveloped in fiberglass and epoxy resin to seal the vessel for watertight adventuring.  A fin and paddle still need to be constructed.  A deck-mounted leash attachment needs to be crafted and bonded to the deck.  And drain plug holes need to be drilled and operational hardware inserted.

Book availability date and purchase locations will be announced in upcoming press releases.